A Sneak Peek into ‘The Waste Issue’

It has been a year, since the ‘The Waste Issue’ was published. One of the reasons the authors thought that a book like this had to be written was because we found that sanitation and waste management has been relegated to the background and did not find a place in school curriculum. To fill this lacuna, the team of writers decided to bring out a contemporary learning workbook, which resulted in the ‘The Waste Issue’, that students would enjoy learning from. The aim of the book is not just to introduce the concepts and educate, but also create thinkers and competent leaders who can bring Solid Waste Management to the forefront of the nation.

Here is a sneak peek into the book. If you are a parent, a student, a teacher or simply a concerned citizen, then leave a message if you want to procure the book.


THE WASTE ISSUE- a workbook on solid waste management

Authors: Sangeeta Venkatesh, Padma Shastry, Nivedita Rathaur

Design: Anjali Shastry

The Editor’s Quill

Hello, young friends!

Solid waste has been an eyesore in our cities for some years now. There are mountains of garbage everywhere we look. With increasing population, all the waste we produce in our daily lives is taking over our streets and landfills. Do we really want to live our entire lives in the midst of garbage piles? Do we want our families to suffer from diseases caused by vermin which the garbage attracts? Do we want to breathe the smelly malodorous air caused by rotting garbage? Do you want your oceans and other water bodies contaminated with waste? Haven’t we had enough?

This workbook has been created in order to acquaint you with the extent of the problem and possible solutions to alleviate the issue. It is filled with stories, activities, information, puzzles and more. You will learn how our modern lifestyle is contributing to the problem of ever-increasing garbage. You will also learn what you can do as an individual or in a group to control the problem.  

So pick up this workbook, learn all about solid waste, and become a cleanliness warrior! Recruit your own army of cleanliness warriors and change the city. You have the power!  Write to us at sangeetavenkatesh7@gmail.com for awareness workshops or copies of the book.

P.S: PDFs are also available after payment.