Sumrux: Krupa Seetharaman is trying to get people to love preloved !

In an earlier post, I had given an introduction to the ills of Fast Fashion and why Sustainable Fashion is the way to go. In this video, Shailaja Rangarajan, Founder of Rimagined, also tells us in detail the magnitude of Textile Waste and the burden it is causing to the Earth. The statistics are staggering and the waste is created not just by the consumers but by fabric makers, garments makers, and brands that put a label on them – especially in the realm of ‘fast fashion’. The problems of blended fabric that give rise to microfibre pollution are not talked about much, but pose a great threat just like microplastics. Shailaja emphasized that the use of singular natural fabric has a greater chance of degrading at the ‘end of life’ and also the use of natural dyes over chemical dyes.

India’s tryst with preloved is not new, as we inherit some beautiful, heirloom and vintage sarees and jewellery from our mothers and grand mothers. These are investments that have gone down generations. However, in modern times, many heavy sarees (or regular wear), just lie in the cupboards and then they are discarded when they fray. Would it not be a better idea to get it out of the cupboard and let someone else have a use for it? Maybe rent it out, or sell it a discounted price?

This is where Sumrux comes in. It is a one stop shop for selling, buying, swapping and renting. This initiative was started by Krupa Seetharaman, a software engineer. Krupa was previously with Microsoft, which she quit in 2011 to engage with citizen and civic movements in the city of Bangalore such as the CMCA and HSR citizen forum. The name Sumrux comes from the the Sanskrit/ Kannada word Samrakshine, which means to ‘protect the environment’. Krupa started this enterprise in 2020 and had started with putting up books, and textbooks. It then slowly expanded to hosting electronic and whitegoods that were in working condition. Of course can apparel be left behind?

Sumrux is currently holding an event that is giving Bangalore citizens to get out their preloved sarees and put it into circulation. The event is on until February 25th, 2023, where you can touch and feel the garments. Even after the event, you can go to their website and interact. Krupa goes through each garment for any damages or stains and makes sure that the consumer is not short-changed. The goal is also to remove the ‘second hand’ stigma!

The details are on All you have to do is register! And you can #sumruxit too! This event is in collaboration with and you can check out their website too.

Bangalore is singularly lucky in having other enterprises that help prevent waste and help conscious consumerism, and Sumrux adds to this list. Do let me know in the comments about enterprises such as these in your city!

Krupa Seetharaman (2nd from right)

While at the location, do check out composters, menstrual cups, cloth pads and other eco-friendly products.


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2 thoughts on “Sumrux: Krupa Seetharaman is trying to get people to love preloved !”

  1. This is for such a wonderful cause .Your article is superb ,Sangeeta .Will certainly follow up on those websites .Thank you for sharing such informative content always 🙌


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