Workshop on Bioenzyme and Natural Cleaners- 9th January, 2020

Happy New Year, Happy 2020 from ‘The Waste Issue’.

The new year has begun with a bang where ‘The Waste Issue’ in collaboration with ‘Praanapoorna Collective’ held a workshop on ‘Making Bioenzymes and Natural Cleaners’ for the participating residents of the community of ‘Palm Meadows’ in suburban locality of Whitefield in Bangalore.

Lakshmi Sankaran of ‘Praanapoorna Collective’ (2nd from left), Sangeeta Venkatesh of ‘The Waste Issue’ (3rd from left) with the participants

Sangeeta Venkatesh, co-author of ‘The Waste Issue’ gave the introduction to the workshop and also introduced the facilitator of the workshop Lakshmi Sankaran, Director Praanapoorna Collective LLP. The Bangalore launch of ‘The Waste Issue’ was done by Ms. Sheila Premkumar, an erstwhile Senior Program Officer of Public Affairs Centre (PAC), Bangalore and Ms. Tina Kishore, senior English language educator.

The Bangalore release of ‘The Waste Issue’

Ms. Sankaran took the attentive participants through an awareness session on how man had introduced so many chemicals into their lives. However, since the web of life is so interconnected, this not only effects human beings, but also the ecosystem – the soil, the water around us.  She explained that by using soapnut, shikakai, woodash in combination with Bio-Enzyme, it can help us replace all the chemical cleaners used in our living spaces on daily basis. Moreover, these natural cleaners are not ‘dead’ unlike their chemical counterpart as they are full of life and energise our living spaces.

The awareness session was followed by a ‘do-it-yourself’ session of making citrus bioenzymes. In addition, Sangeeta Venkatesh also showed the enzyme made from mango peels and the ‘lemon-vinegar’ cleaner.  The session was followed by interesting Q & A and extra citrus peels were taken home by the participants to kick-start their journey in replacing chemicals from their daily lives. The hot samosas and fresh lemon juice perked up the eventful morning!

For the full protocol of Bioenzymes and knowing more about the ‘The Waste Issue’ order your copy here

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